If you are a teen mom in need of assistance

We are here to support you through this time! If you are interested in getting support and resources from The Lullaby House, please fill out the contact form or call our office at (214) 394-9799 to begin the intake process.

The Lullaby House will assist new clients who are:

If accepted into the housing program, clients will be provided long term housing until her child reaches the age of 3.

How we help

Housing & Basic Needs

Coming soon in 2020! Long-term housing and basic needs assistance for up to three years after birth of her baby. Length of stay is based on each clients needs and ability to accept the support of The Lullaby House.


Transportation provided to medical appointments, employment, school, social services, and more.

Access to Medical Care

The Lullaby House assists each client with access the medical care she needs for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby, including Doula services, prenatal care, postnatal care, well baby check-ups, dental care, vision, and more, as needed.

Educational Assistance

We provide educational assistance to help teen moms stay in school. We providing tutoring, online training, remedial programs and more.

Child Development Classes

On-site licensed, quality, childcare helping each baby reach developmental milestones, and helping each mother learn nurturing parenting skills.

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual weekly counseling sessions grounded in cognitive behavioral theory and solution-focused practices for anger and anxiety, depression and stress management.

Weekly teen group counseling sessions focusing on subjects such as building self-awareness, building healthy relationships with peers and family, depression, anxiety and anger management.

Life Skills Classes

Topics include budgeting, financial literacy, nutrition, home care/maintenance, parenting, pregnancy care, spirituality, anger management, sewing, recreation, and more.

Employment Assistance

Help with resume building and job placement support, as appropriate for each mother.

Walk-In Assistance

For clients who need one-time basic needs assistance and referral support.